1) What is an escape room game?

Imagine you’re Indiana Jones or Sherlock Holmes, solving mysteries and exploring through an environment that’s full of puzzles and clues. You get to pick your own private team and go up against the experience as a team! A different analogy is to imagine your team entering a real life video game, and you have 60 minutes to complete the mission.

2) Escape rooms are usually difficult!

Usually it wouldn’t be fun if it were easy! Puzzles often require logic and teamwork. The puzzles are challenging, but not too hard and most of the games are very exciting.

3) Create your team!

Make sure you come in with a group you’re ready to cooperate with. Family, partners, friends, team builders- whatever you want! Communication is the foundation for a successful escape game.

4) Compare reviews

Read reviews closely, because they are written by people who lived through the experience. You’ll quickly find that not all escape rooms are created equally, and reviews will help you decide what fits best for your escape game experience!

5) Read Frequently Asked Questions!

Usually each escape room business should have a FAQ on their website or Facebook page. Read all the information provided there so you’ll be familiar with the particular rules of each game.